The African Sandal, an indestructible Sandal with a sole manufactured from motor car tyre rubber inspired by the Masaai.

We have redesigned the African Masaai Sandal for quality and comfort!

Habitat of the African Sandal

While most of us probably can't imagine running a marathon even in normal running shoes, in 2008, six Maasai men from Northern Tanzania ran the London Marathon to raise funds for their village. They ran in their full traditional Maasai dress, including spears and tyre sandals. They didn't win- but what a fundraiser it was!

Old African Sandal (Masaai) design

Traditional African Sandal design

Africa abounds with a vibrant craft heritage and many examples of tough innovative footwear design. The obvious quality and easy availability of used car tyre has made it a natural choice in many African communities.

Inspired by elements of the above Zulu and Ndebele designs we have re-created the African Sandal for a brave new world. Our unique hand crafted sandal reflects the best of both worlds but remains sensitive to its traditional roots.

Sandalz-za trade site; Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square, Cape Town

We have traded our product from the same cobbled site on Greenmarket Square, Cape Town, for the past 24 years. This historic public space has been a trading site since the early 1800's and we take pride in our close association with it and the cultural heritage of Southern Africa.

Our craft facility remains close to the city and very much in the mysterious shadow of Table Mountain (Hoerikwaggo), with its ancient Bushman trails...